Faith Consulate is a Vision-Driven Church

How do we fulfill this mandate? 

Evangelism and Discipleship

First, our discipleship program is designed to help the born-again believer learn to walk by faith so that they can overcome the pressures and trials of this present life, and then rule and reign in life as Jesus Christ did while he walked this earth. Through biblical teachings and mentoring, believers grow in the Lord Jesus Christ, and are equipped by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit then enables them to walk in love and faith, and to examine their thoughts, words and actions and compare them with the Word of God.

Through discipleship, we also encourage the believer to be successful kings (i.e. one who dominates in their sphere of influence: media, business, government, arts and entertainment, education and family) and priests (i.e. one whose call is to the five-fold ministry, and/or associated helps). We help people discover their God-given purpose, write the vision for their life, develop a plan for their vision, and walk it out. Thus, this process should cause the born-again believer to fulfill their purpose in life. Second, through discipleship, we inspire, encourage and equip disciples to be fishers of men (i.e. the first step in our evangelism program).

Second, our evangelism program is aggressive and it's designed to teach individuals how to make evangelism a lifestyle, to get a person’s attention by addressing their personal issues and needs, and to present biblical solutions to help a person resolve their issues and needs. Our program is designed to drastically impact the lives of people locally, regionally, and globally, by providing solutions that produce tangible positive results in the lives of people emotionally, financially, professionally, and spiritually. Our evangelism program is delivered through (1) reaching individuals through door-to-door contact and prayer walks (2) teaching kingdom principles in worship services, conferences, discussions, and written materials, and (3) establishing kingdom-based radio and television programming, missions, educational institutions and businesses. This style of ministry is intended to produce a conversation, or reflection in the hearer (or the one impacted) that results in them accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

Our discipleship and evangelism programs culminate in a dynamic worship experience and faith-filled teachings at The Consulate.  We are a church which believes that every believe should develop their faith in God and their relationship with God.  We believe that faith is developed through hearing the Word of God an relationship through worship.  Finally, Faith Consulate is a member of Faith Ministries Alliance under the leadership of Dr. Bill Winston.