Confessions and Prayers

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A Prayer for Protection from Psalm 91

A Prayer for a New Home

A Ministry In Need of Finances

A Woman Of Purity

Adoration “Hallowed Be Thy Name”


Breaking Curses

Church Growth Confession

City of Fayetteville

Cleansing Prayer

Comfort For a Person Who Has Lost a Christian Loved One

Compatibility in Marriage

Confession for a Healthy Lifestyle

Confession for Executing Justice

Confession for Pastor

Confession for the United States of America

Confession for the Unsaved Spouse

Confession for Today

Confession of Favor

Confession for the Success of a Business

Confession - The Words of My Mouth

Daily Spiritual Warfare Confession

Debt-Free Confession

Debt Cancellation

Deliverance From Habits

Divine Health Confession

Faith Consulate Church Declaration

Faith Confession

Financial Confession

Harmonious Marriage

Healing For Damaged Emotions

Health and Healing

In Court Cases

Letting Go of the Past

Maintaining Good Relations

Men Confession

Overcoming Infidelity

Overcoming a Feeling of Rejection

Peaceful Sleep

Prayer of Dedication

Prayer for Husbands to Confess

Prayer for Prosperity

Prayer for Wives to Confess

Prayer for a Teenager

Prayer to God to Stop Coronavirus

Rebuilding My Self-Esteem

Salvation for Unsaved Loved Ones

Selling Real Estate

Scriptures to Encourage Your Faith in Challenging Times

The Children

The Prayer of Forgiveness

To Walk in God's Wisdom

To Walk in Forgiveness

Victorious Confessions for the Virtuous Woman

Walking in Victory

Who/What I Am in Christ

Wisdom and Guidance